Agro, food, forestry and related products and services

(4 sub sectors)

Genorma Sector 01 - #AGROFOODFOREST

Find all the European and International standards related to the Agro-food sector. From product characteristics, to agricultural and food safety, related machinery and test methods.

Some topics applicable to Farming include:
- Farmer organization
- Farm management
- Equipment for internal farm work and husbandry
- Farm management information systems
- Organic farming
- Equipment for agriculture
- Bulk Milk Coolers on Farms
- Fertilizers
- Plant biostimulants
- Prerequisite programmes on food safety

European and international standards applicable to forests and forestal products and systems:
- Forestry products
- Estimation of emission rates from treated wood
- emissions from preservative treated wood to the environment
- Forest fire incidents
- eCall for UNECE Category T, R, S agricultural/forestry vehicles

Examples of topics covered by standards for fish, fish products, fish farms are:
- Environmental impact on finfish farms
- Traceability of crustacean products
- Traceability of finfish products
- Electrical installations on and about sea and inland water located fish farms

Technical committee

Related standards or drafts