Finding the right standard you need may be a difficult task even for real experts. In order to assist you in your daily work, provides you with different ways to find the right standards: Sectors, Topics or Legislation:

  • Sectors allow you to find the standards for the relevant Economic Activity.
  • Topics allow you to find the standards covering specific issues, which can be applicable to one or several sectors.
  • Product Groups allow you to search standards and or test methods and accredited laboratories by classification of products.
  • The Legislation section provides you with relevant legislation referring to European and International standards.
  • The Laboratories section allows you to find the right test house and test method for your products and standards.
  • The Courses section gives you advice and recommendations on how to get the best from standards.

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A Sector is a coherent category of economic activity. Find European standards (EN, EN ISO, EN IEC, EN ISO/IEC) or international standards (ISO, IEC, ISO/IEC) by sector of interest

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A topic is a matter covered by standards across sectors. Find European standards (EN, EN ISO, EN IEC, HD, TS, TR) and ISO or IEC standards searching by topic of interest

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Search European and International standards and test methods by product groups

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European standards (EN, EN ISO EN IEC, HD, TR, TS) or EU standards or ISO or IEC standards referred to in relevant EU legislation, EU Directives, EU Regulations and EEA relevant legislation

Find accredited testing services

Find testing services by type of test, product or by standards

Find an Accredited laboratory in Europe

European laboratories search engine - Accredited laboratories give you the necessary confidence to test your products and systems when products are subject to safety or environmental legislation

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