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Foodstuffs - Determination of PSP-toxins in shellfish - HPLC method using pre-column derivatization with peroxide or periodate oxidation prEN 14526

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CEN/TC 275 Food analysis - Horizontal methods

European Norm

67.120.30   Fish and fishery products


This European Standard specifies a method for the quantitative determination of saxitoxin (STX), decarbamoyl saxitoxin (dcSTX), neo saxitoxin (NEO), gonyautoxin 1,4 (GTX1,4; together), gonyautoxin 2,3 (GTX2,3; together), gonyautoxin 5 (GTX5 or B1), N-sulfocarbamoyl-gonyautoxin 1,2 (C1,2; together) and N-sulfocarbamoyl-gonyautoxin 3,4 (C3,4; together) in mussels, oysters, scallop and clams. It may also be applicable in other shellfish. This method was validated in a collaborative study, and published as AOAC Official Method The method is applicable to quantifying >22 µg/kg for saxitoxin, >125 µg/kg for gonyautoxin 2,3 (together, lowest concentration tested), >27 µg/kg for gonyautoxin 5 (B1), >8 µg/kg for dc-saxitoxin, >40 µg/kg for neo saxitoxin, >50 µg/kg for gonyautoxin 1,4 (together), >93 µg/kg for C1,2 (together) and >725 µg/kg for C3,4 (together) in shellfish meat. GTX6 (B2) is not included in the study for quantitative detection, however, since after ion exchange cleanup, most laboratories successfully detected and reported GTX6 (B2) in certain samples at a concentration of about 30 µg/kg or greater. This indicates that once analytical standard is available, the present method should be applicable to the quantitative detection of GTX6 (B2).

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prEN 14526
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