ISO 15708-2:2002

Non-destructive testing — Radiation methods — Computed tomography — Part 2: Examination practices ISO 15708-2:2002

Publication date:   Jul 18, 2002

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Feb 24, 2017

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Feb 24, 2017


ISO/TC 135/SC 5 Radiographic testing

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19.100   Non-destructive testing



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ISO 15708-2 describes CT procedures that can provide for non-destructive testing and evaluation. Requirements in this part of ISO 15708 are intended to control the reliability and quality of the CT images. This part of ISO 15708 is applicable for the systematic assessment of the internal structure of a material or assembly and may be used to prescribe operating CT procedures. It also provides a basis for the formation of a programme for quality control and its continuation through calibration, standardization, reference samples, inspection plans and procedures.
ISO 15708-2 gives guidelines for procedures for performing CT examinations. It is intended to address the general use of CT technology and thereby facilitate its use. This part of ISO 15708 implicitly assumes the use of penetrating radiation, specifically X-ray and gamma-ray.

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ISO 15708-2:2002
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Feb 24, 2017


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