EN 50416:2005

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for commercial electric conveyor dishwashing machines EN 50416:2005

Publication date:   Jul 27, 2005

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 26, 2022


CLC/TC 61 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances

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97.040.40   Dishwashers



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This clause of EN 60335-1 is replaced by the following. This European Standard deals with the safety of electrically operated conveyor dishwashing machines for washing plates, dishes, glassware, cutlery and similar articles (e.g. trays, food containers), with or without means for water heating or forced hot air drying, not intended for household use, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V for single-phase machines connected between one phase and neutral and 480 V for other machines. The spraying pressure shall not exceed 1 MPa. NOTE 101 These machines are used for example in restaurants, canteens, hospitals, and commercial enterprises such as bakeries, butcheries, etc. NOTE 102 Examples of such machines are – flight type dishwashers, – rack conveyor dishwashers. These machines are designed to be connected to hot and/or cold water supply. NOTE 103 Requirements to avoid backsiphonage of non-potable water into the public water supply are specified in Annex CC. Machines making use of steam or hot water for heating purposes are also within the scope of this standard. This standard does not apply to – machines which are moveable, – gas heating appliances which are part of conveyor dishwashing machines, – machines intended for disinfection, – machines intended to be used on board of sea-going vessels and aircraft, – machines designed exclusively for industrial purposes, for example machines used in the food industry for cleaning receptacles that serve as packaging for final products (e.g. bottle-cleaning machines), and machines used in manufacturing processes, – separately driven transport devices not confined in the machine, – machines intended to be used in locations where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas).

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EN 50416:2005
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 26, 2022


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