EN 1012-1:1996

Compressors and vacuum pumps - Safety requirements - Part 1: Compressors EN 1012-1:1996

Publication date:   May 10, 2003

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Sep 8, 2010


CEN/TC 232 Compressors, vacuum pumps and their systems

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23.080   Pumps | 23.140   Compressors and pneumatic machines | 23.160   Vacuum technology



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This standard is applicable to all types of compressors. The standard lists the significant hazards associated with compressors and specifies safety requirements applicable to the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling of compressors during their foreseeable lifetime and subsequent disposal. Compressors intended for use in special applications shall also comply with any specific standards relating to those applications. This standard specifies safety requirements for all compressors and additional requirements for the following specific types: Compressors for various types of gases - oil-lubricated air compressors - oil-flooded air compressors - oil-free air compressors - compressors for handling hazardous gases (gas compressors) - compressors for handling oxygen - compressors for handling acetylene Compressors for extreme temperature and pressures - high pressure compressors, over 40 bar - compressors for low inlet temperatures, below 0 øC. Other types of compressors - large compressors (over 1000 kW, input power) - portable and skid mounted air compressors - compressors exposed for potentially explosive atmospheres Exceptions The following compressors are excluded from the scope of this standard: - compressors having a shaft input power of less than 0,5 kW - compressors for gases other than acetylene, having a maximum allowable working pressure of less than 0,5 bar - refrigerant compressors used in refrigerating systems or heat pumps as defined in EN 378.

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EN 1012-1:1996
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Sep 8, 2010


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