ISO 21360-4:2018

Vacuum technology — Standard methods for measuring vacuum-pump performance — Part 4: Turbomolecular vacuum pumps ISO 21360-4:2018

Publication date:   Jul 31, 2018

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 10, 2024


ISO/TC 112 Vacuum technology

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23.160   Vacuum technology



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This document, in conjunction with ISO 21360-1, specifies methods for the measurement of performance characteristics of turbomolecular vacuum pumps. It is applicable to all sizes and all types of turbomolecular vacuum pumps, including those
— with mechanical or magnetic bearings;
— with or without an additional drag stage(s) or other pumping stages on the shaft;
— with one or more inlet ports.
Since turbomolecular vacuum pumps are backed by primary pumps, their performance cannot be completely defined by the volume flow rate curve. Also, the driving device and the backing pressure of the turbomolecular vacuum pump is important to the performance.
The following completes the performance characteristics:
— information about throughputs and backing pressure of the turbomolecular vacuum pump;
— the compression ratio curve (compression ratio vs backing pressure of turbomolecular vacuum pump).

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ISO 21360-4:2018
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 10, 2024