IEC 60747-14-11:2021 ED1

Semiconductor devices - Part 14-11: Semiconductor sensors - Test method of surface acoustic wave-based integrated sensors for measuring ultraviolet, illumination and temperature IEC 60747-14-11:2021 ED1

Publication date:   Mar 3, 2021

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 3, 2021


TC 47/SC 47E

International Standard

31.080.01   Semiconductor devices in general



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IEC 60747-14-11:2021(E) defines the terms, definitions, configuration, and test methods can be used to evaluate and determine the performance characteristics of surface acoustic wave-based semiconductor sensors integrated with ultraviolet, illuminance, and temperature sensors. The measurement methods are for DC characteristics and RF characteristics, and the measurement method for RF characteristics includes a direct mode and differential amplifier mode based on feedback oscillation. This document excludes devices dealt with by TC 49: piezoelectric, dielectric and electrostatic devices and associated materials for frequency control, selection and detection.

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IEC 60747-14-11:2021 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Mar 3, 2021