IEC 62047-2:2006 ED1

Semiconductor devices - Micro-electromechanical devices - Part 2: Tensile testing method of thin film materials IEC 62047-2:2006 ED1

Publication date:   Aug 15, 2006

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60.60 Standard published   Aug 15, 2006


TC 47/SC 47F

International Standard

31.080.99   Other semiconductor devices



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Specifies the method for tensile testing of thin film materials with length and width under 1 mm and thickness under 10 m, which are main structural materials for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), micromachines and similar devices. The main structural materials for MEMS, micromachines and similar devices have special features such as typical dimensions in the order of a few microns, a material fabrication by deposition, and a test piece fabrication by non-mechanical machining using etching and photolithography. This International Standard specifies the testing method, which enables a guarantee of accuracy corresponding to the special features.

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IEC 62047-2:2006 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Aug 15, 2006