FprEN 50176

Automatic electrostatic application systems for ignitable coating materials - Safety requirements FprEN 50176

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45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC   Oct 21, 2022


CLC/TC 31 Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres

European Norm

87.100   Paint coating equipment


1.1 This document specifies the electrical requirements for the design of automatic electrostatic application systems for liquid coating materials which can be ignited in an atomised state, used within a temperature range from 5 °C to 40 °C.
This document considers automatic electrostatic application systems for processing ignitable liquid coating materials, where the conductivity of the complete system is limited up to 50 nS/cm. Together with additional measures like e.g. potential separation systems, these requirements can also be applied to ignitable liquid coating materials, where the conductivity of the complete system is limited up to 2 000 μS/cm.
Ignition hazards related to the generated explosive atmosphere and the protection of persons against electric shock are considered.
1.2 This document specifies requirements for interfaces to and additional requirements for machinery according to EN 16985:2018, prEN 12621:2020 and prEN 1953:2020.
1.3 This document also specifies requirements for a safe operation of electrostatic application systems, including the electrical installation. The requirements consider both the processing of coating materials and the cleaning and purge processes.
1.4 This document considers three types of spraying systems; see 5.1.
Spraying systems are classified as equipment of group II, category 2G or category 3G.
Only electrostatic spraying systems operating with a d.c. sinusoidal ripple of not more than 10 % of the r.m.s. value are considered.
1.5 For electrostatic spraying equipment used in food and pharmaceutical industry, additional requirements could apply.
1.6 This document is not applicable to:
— liquid electrostatic application equipment for non ignitable liquid coating material, see EN 50348:2010 ;
— electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment, see EN 50050 1:2013, EN 50050 2:2013 and EN 50050 3:2013 as well as prEN 50059:2021;
— potential separation systems;
— cleaning systems for spraying devices;
— selection, installation and application of other electrical and non-electrical equipment in areas with explosion hazard, see EN 60079 14:2014 and EN 16985:2018;
— quality assurance systems for electrostatic spraying equipment (see EN ISO/IEC 80079 34:2020, ZB.11).
1.7 This document is not applicable to equipment manufactured before the date of its publication as a European Standard.

Related legislation

Legislation related to this standard


Directive 2014/34/EU Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (recast)


Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast)

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EN 50176:2009


FprEN 50176
45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC
Oct 21, 2022