EN 62090:2017

Product package labels for electronic components using bar code and two- dimensional symbologies EN 62090:2017

Publication date:   Oct 17, 2017

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60.60 Standard published   Jul 7, 2017


CLC/SR 91 Electronics assembly technology

European Norm

31.190   Electronic component assemblies | 31.200   Integrated circuits. Microelectronics | 35.040   Information coding



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IEC 62090:2017(E) applies to labels on the packaging of electronic components for automatic handling in B2B processes. These labels use linear bar code and two-dimensional (2D) symbols. Labels for direct product marking and shipping labels are excluded. Labels required on the packaging of electronic components that are intended for the retail channel of distribution in B2C processes are also excluded from this document.

Bar code and 2D symbol markings are used, in general, for automatic identification and automatic handling of components in electronics assembly lines. Intended applications include systems that automate the control of component packages during production, inventory and distribution.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

a) Applicable data elements have been added. Data identifiers of those data elements are “10D”, “14D”, ”2P”, “25L”, “18V”, “V”, “J”, “3S”, “13E”, “33L” and “34L”.

b) The following new informative annexes have been added:

- Annex C, URL;

- Annex D, Examples of data element short titles;

- Annex E, Package levels for component package labels.

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EN 62090:2017
60.60 Standard published
Jul 7, 2017