Food authenticity — Determination of ¹⁸O/¹⁶O isotope ratios in liquid aqueous food matrices by Equilibration - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (Eq-IRMS) -

General information

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CEN/TC 460 Food Authenticity

European Norm


This European standard covers instrumental analysis by equilibration-isotope ratio mass spectrometry (Eq-IRMS) of liquid, aqueous food matrices to determine ¹⁸O/¹⁶O isotope ratios of the water of the product. The isotope ratios obtained by following this standard are expressed as delta ¹⁸O values relative to internationally recognised reference materials.
Sample preparation is not included within this European standard. It is assumed that the food sample has been pre-treated as necessary and homogenised.
The interpretation of the obtained isotope delta values is not covered by this European standard.

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00.60 Close of review
Jun 9, 2023