EN 1032:1996

Mechanical vibration - Testing of mobile machinery in order to determine the whole-body vibration emission value - General

Publication date:   Sep 1, 2002

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Apr 23, 2003


CEN/TC 231 Mechanical vibration and shock

European Norm

13.160   Vibration and shock with respect to human beings | 17.160   Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements | 21.020   Characteristics and design of machines, apparatus, equipment



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This European Standard specifies the evaluation of vibration emission at operator's place during testing and operation of mobile machinery. It is intended to be used for defining magnitudes of whole-body vibration transmitted from supporting surfaces to the human body in the frequency range 1 Hz to 80 Hz. According to this standard, the magnitudes are stated as r.m.s. values of representative vibration. This European Standard provides requirements for the vibration test codes to be incorporated in the machinery related standards, including the conditions under which the measurements shall be made (e.g. operating conditions). This European Standard applies to sitting and standing positions. It is applicable to all mobile machinery producing periodic or random vibration with or without transients. Only rectilinear vibrations are dealt with in this standard. The purpose of this European Standard is to ensure consistency and compatibility of test and evaluation methods. It does not present limits or recommended vibration values.

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EN 1032:1996
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Apr 23, 2003