Standards on Electromagnetic Compatibility

European standards, international standards (IEC and CISPR), EMC Harmonised standards, EMC Harmonized standards, standards providing presumption of conformity

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Electromagnetic compatibility implies the ability of equipment to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to other equipment in that environment. It implies both emissions without introducing non-proper disturbances and immunity.

According to the EMC Directive, equipment shall be so designed and manufactured, having regard to the state of the art, ensuring that:
- the electromagnetic disturbance generated does not exceed the level above which radio and telecommunications equipment or other equipment cannot operate as intended
- it has a level of immunity to the electromagnetic disturbance to be expected in its intended use which allows it to operate without unacceptable degradation of its intended use
In addition, fixed installations shall be installed applying good engineering practices and respecting the information on the intended use of its components, with a view to ensuring it complies with the requirements as set above. offers a very simple way to identify and track the harmonised standards under the Directive 2014/30/EU relating to electromagnetic compatibility.

A summary of references under the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive can also be found following the link: