Standards on Business Continuity and Resilience

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ISO and European standards for Business Continuity, Security and Resilience, including Business Continuity Management, emergency management, organizational resilience, Business Impact Assessment (BIA). EN ISO 22301, ISO 22328

Security and resilience is a highly relevant subject for all kind of organizations and sectors.

Security, resilience and continuity of operations are becoming increasingly important. This is particularly true as the organizational environment is highly complex and evolving in a fast way: Increased globalization, greater dependencies on third party organizations and a higher level of exposure to a range of global security and resilience threats, all set in a context of a demanding and volatile economic environment, are creating challenges for organizations across the Globe. International and European standards for Security and Resilience help organizations to face most of the usual challenges in the following key dimensions, amongst others: a) Political and strategic, b) Economic and financial, c) Technical and technological, d) Regulatory and compliance, e) Employees, f) Customers, consumers, citizens satisfaction and organizational reputation.