Standards on Electrical Installations

HD 60364 Low voltage electrical installations IEC 60364 European and international standards and Harmonization Documents HD

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Related standards or drafts

CENELEC and IEC standards on electrical installations are some of the most relevant sources of technical resources for most of the national regulations on the safety of electrical installations and wiring rules. This is the case for the series of standards HD 60364 in Europe or IEC 60364 at the international level on Low voltage electrical installations.

The standards on low voltage electrical installations lay down requirements for installation and coordination of electrical equipment, establish basic safety requirements for protection against electric shock as well as safety requirements for protection against other hazards arising from the use of electricity (e.g. thermal effects, overcurrent, fault currents, voltage disturbances). They also specify the operational characteristics and performance criteria necessary for the selection of equipment for installation applications.

Other standards covering low voltage installations include:
- Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes
- Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units

Regarding High voltage or Power electrical installations, some standards include:
- Operation of electrical installations or power installations
- Requirements for generating plants to be connected in parallel with distribution networks