prEN ISO/ASTM 52940

Additive manufacturing of ceramics - Feedstock materials - Characterization of ceramic slurry in vat photopolymerization (ISO/ASTM DIS 52940:2024) prEN ISO/ASTM 52940

Publication date:   Mar 14, 2024

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CEN/TC 438 Additive Manufacturing

European Norm

25.030   Additive manufacturing



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This standard specifies the characterization of ceramic slurry for use as feedstock in vat photopolymerization additive manufacturing (AM) process. The characterization includes the composition and properties of the slurry, such as solids content, dynamic viscosity, particle size distribution, chemical composition, and solid dispersion stability. This standard also provides available methods about sampling and preparing slurry samples for testing. This standard does not deal with safety aspects.

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prEN ISO/ASTM 52940
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Jun 3, 2024