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Security and resilience - Crisis management - Concept, principles and framework (ISO/DTS 22360:2023) prEN ISO 22360

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CEN/TC 391 Societal and Citizen Security

European Norm

03.100.01   Company organization and management in general | 13.200   Accident and disaster control


Crises conditions may manifest themselves throughout all elements of global society and significantly
impact upon the goals and objectives of nations, regional and urban areas, communities, organizations
(both public sector and private enterprise) and individual people.
Crises may arise from failures to effectively manage security of assets, information, reputations or
sovereign risks to governments or organizations or to provide safety and protection of members of
society from personal injury, loss or harm.
The development of a Crisis Management Framework under which all related standards for crisis
management can be developed within the proposed WG9 provides a logical and consistent approach
within this new branch of study for TC 292.

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prEN ISO 22360
40.60 Close of voting
Jan 29, 2024