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Electrostatics - Part 4-7: Standard test methods for specific applications - Ionization prEN IEC 61340-4-7:2022

Publication date:   Apr 8, 2022

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CLC/SR 101 Electrostatics

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17.200.99   Other standards related to thermodynamics | 29.020   Electrical engineering in general



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This part of IEC 61340 provides test methods and procedures for evaluating and selecting air ionization equipment and systems (ionizers).
This document establishes measurement techniques, under specified conditions, to determine offset voltage (ion balance) and decay (charge neutralization) time for ionizers.
This document does not include measurements of electromagnetic interference (EMI), or the use of ionizers in connection with ordnance, flammables, explosive items or electrically initiated explosive devices.
As contained in this document, the test methods and test conditions can be used by manufacturers of ionizers to provide performance data describing their products. Users of ionizers are urged to modify the test methods and test conditions for their specific application in order to qualify ionizers for use, or to make periodic verifications of ionizer performance. The user will decide the extent of the data required for each application.
See Annex A for information regarding theoretical background and additional information on the standard test method for the performance of ionizers.
CAUTION: Procedures and equipment described in this document can expose personnel to hazardous electrical and non-electrical conditions. Users of this document are responsible for selecting equipment that complies with applicable laws, regulatory codes and both external and internal policy. Users are cautioned that this document cannot replace or supersede any requirements for personnel safety. See Annex C for safety considerations.

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prEN IEC 61340-4-7:2022
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