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Aerospace series - Programme management - Recommendations for the implementation of the integrated logistic support prEN 9276

Publication date:   Mar 7, 2024

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ASD-STAN Aerospace

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49.020   Aircraft and space vehicles in general



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The purpose of this document is to:
- identify and describe, in a structured way, the principles of the integrated logistic support (ILS) activities and tasks for the main types of stakeholders in the system life cycle, from the expression of need to disposal;
- place the activities, tasks and ILS deliverables within the programme execution;
- identify the main selection and sizing of activities and tasks criteria according to the nature and the requirements of the programme;
- control the relations with the other aspects of programme management.
This document covers the following subjects:
- management of ILS (definition, implementation and running of the processes);
- expression of the support requirements;
- elaboration of the contracts (e.g. for development, maintenance, supply
- implementation of the tasks and processes.
This document is also related to the following subjects:
- relations with costs and lead times control, configuration management, performance and RAMS management, quality assurance, documentation management;
- regulations (e.g. information system security, export controls, safety at work);
- human and organisational factors (HOF);
- environment (e.g. RoHS, REACh);
- information systems (IS) and the links between them;
- logistics information systems (LIS);
- in-service support (ISS) activities;
- configuration management of ILS objects;
- life cycle.
The following stakeholders are concerned by ILS:
- users in the broadest sense: operators, maintenance operators, administrators, dismantlers of the system, trainers;
- the customer, who:
- prepares technical and contractual specifications of need with which the system shall comply,
- sets up the funding of the programme,
- oversees the realization and commissioning of the main system and of the support system,
- facilitates the feedback;
NOTE 1 At the highest level of the system, the customer can also be referred to as the "project owner".
NOTE 2 The "main system" can also be referred to as the "system of interest".
- the supplier(s) who deliver a system (main and support) to the customer, which meets the performance specifications, including the regulatory requirements, on time and for the agreed cost, throughout the system life cycle;
NOTE At the highest level of the system, the supplier can also be referred to as the "industrial prime contractor".
- the regulatory authorities that supervise and approve the support processes and equipment, as needed.
The principles laid down in this document can be applied, after adaptation, to all the customer/supplier relations resulting from the breakdown of the main contract into sub-contracts.

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prEN 9276
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May 30, 2024