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Building hardware - Cylinders and Master-Key-Systems (MKS) for locks - Requirements and test methods prEN 1303

Publication date:   Feb 22, 2024

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CEN/TC 33 Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling

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91.190   Building accessories



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This document applies to cylinders and their keys for locks that are normally used in buildings and are designed to be used with cylinders, where the locks have an operational torque of maximum 1,5 Nm.
This document specifies performance and other requirements for the strength, security, durability, performance and corrosion resistance of cylinders and their original keys. It also specifies cylinders suitable for use in locking systems, Master key systems (MKS).
It establishes one category of use, three grades of durability, two grades for mechanical coding (single cylinders and MKS), three grades for fire and four grades corrosion resistance, all based on performance tests, as well as thirteen grades of key related security based on design requirements and five grades on performance tests that simulate attack.
This document includes tests of satisfactory operation at a range of temperatures. It specifies test methods to be used on cylinders and their protective measures linked with these cylinders and recommended by the manufacturer.
Corrosion resistance is specified by reference to the requirements of EN 1670 on corrosion resistance of building hardware.
The suitability of cylinders for use on fire or smoke-door assemblies is determined by fire performance tests conducted in addition to the performance testing required by this document. Since suitability for use on fire doors is not essential in every situation, the manufacturer has the option to state if the cylinder conforms to these additional requirements or not. If so claimed, cylinders will comply with the requirements in Annex A.
Assessment of fire resistance and smoke control (grade A and grade B) is beyond the scope of this document.
On occasions there can be a need for additional functions within the design of the cylinder. Purchasers should satisfy themselves that the products are suitable for their intended use.

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