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General guidance for the marking of gas appliances prCEN/TR 1472

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CEN/TC 238 Test gases, test pressures, appliance categories and gas appliance types

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This document comprises a list of recommendations for Technical Committees, whose responsibility it is to decide which of these they wish to incorporate in Standards. These recommendations are based on the principles stated hereafter : 1) To supplement the requirements for marking of the appliance and its packaging, given by Essential Requirement 1.2.3 of the EU Directive 90/396/EEC «Gas appliances», with information corresponding to the countries of destination of the appliance. In view of the differences across Europe with respect to the distribution of gases and the installation of appliances, the identification of the suitability of an appliance is only explicit if the appliance category is mentioned in combination with the country of destination. This information has therefore been considered as essential for the safe use of gas appliances. 2) To establish a link between country, category, gas and pressure. The marking of this information, in effect, constitutes a coherent whole which is intended to give unambiguous information about the use of the appliance concerned. 3) To use symbols in place of texts in the national languages, while establishing two levels of symbols, obligatory (see 6.1) or optional (see 6.2), in order to take into account national practices declared by CEN Members. The ad hoc Group «Marking of gas appliances» has restricted its recommendations to those which apply to all relevant Technical Committees of PC 3. Other information can appear on the appliance or on the packaging. All the following texts are only informative in the context of this CR, but they serve as model texts for appliances standards.

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prCEN/TR 1472
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