prCEN ISO/TS 18234-9

Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) - TTI via Transport Protocol Expert Group (TPEG) data-streams - Part 9: Traffic Event Compact (TEC) application (TPEG-TEC_1.0/001) prCEN ISO/TS 18234-9

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CEN/TC 278 Intelligent transport systems

Technical Specification


This specification describes the Binary encoding methodology for the Traffic Event Compact Information message application of the TPEG "Toolkit". The TPEG Automotive Profile (TAP) is the set of TPEG specifications that tries to address these issues. In specific it is focussed on optimising TPEG for the automotive environment. The intention is to replace the functionality covered by TMC through TAP
and add new meaningful extensions. The document proposes a new standalone TPEG application "Traffic Event Compact"
(TEC) as part of the TAP. It is an application that, as with other applications like RTM and PKI, is to fit within the overall TPEG framing structure. It has been specifically designed to support traffic events (e.g. road works, traffic jams) and local hazard warnings. As
such it will therefore reuse elements from RTM (e.g. message management). As with all TPEG applications, whilst the message content has to be sourced from road operators this application is end-user focussed and thus is not designed or able to be exactly compatible with standards used in the Content Segment (e.g. DATEX 2). It is designed specifically to satisfy the Delivery Segment requirement which is particularly designed for both human comprehension and automatic clients.

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prCEN ISO/TS 18234-9
30.98 Project deleted
Jul 25, 2008