ISO/TS 22745-40:2010

Industrial automation systems and integration — Open technical dictionaries and their application to master data — Part 40: Master data representation ISO/TS 22745-40:2010

Publication date:   Apr 1, 2010

General information

90.60 Close of review   Jun 4, 2024


ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data

Technical Specification

25.040.01   Industrial automation systems in general



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ISO/TS 22745-40:2010 is a specialization of ISO/TS 29002-10 that
specifies a conceptual information model and an exchange file
format for catalogues. A catalogue is a collection of master data
records. A master data record is made up of characteristic data
expressed as property value pairs, where the property is identified
by reference to a concept in an open technical dictionary. The
conceptual information model is in Unified Modeling Language (UML).
The physical file format is specified via an Extensible Markup
Language (XML) schema.

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ISO/TS 22745-40:2010
90.60 Close of review
Jun 4, 2024