ISO/TR 13283:1998

Industrial automation — Time-critical communications architectures — User requirements and network management for time-critical communications systems ISO/TR 13283:1998

Publication date:   Dec 20, 1998

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60.60 Standard published   Dec 20, 1998


ISO/TC 184/SC 5 Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications

Technical Report

25.040.01   Industrial automation systems in general



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This Technical Report identifies user requirements for systems supporting time-critical communications systems and the network management aspect which are specific to time-critical communications architecture in peer-to-peer and multipeer communications in or between application processes. This Technical Report translates user requirements for systems supporting time-critical communications into QoS requirements for the management and support of a time-critical communications network, using the concepts and terminology of the QoS Basic Framework developed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/WG7. This Technical Report also describes a model, characteristics and functions for network management in time-critical communications systems. This Technical Report focuses on time-critical communications systems used in discrete parts manufacturing applications; however, these time-critical communications systems may also be used in other applications, including process control. This Technical Report concentrates primarily on time-critical communications systems for event-driven applications in which traffic flow and network configuration change dynamically; however, this Technical Report may also be applicable to state-driven applications in which traffic patterns and configuration are static.

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ISO/TR 12178:1994


ISO/TR 13283:1998
60.60 Standard published
Dec 20, 1998