ISO/NP 25299

Evaluation of the virucidal activity of a surface following hand contamination ISO/NP 25299

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ISO/TC 330

International Standard


This document specifies the test conditions and the levels of activity to determine the antiviral activity of a non-porous surfaces used in a dry environment and contaminated by a hand transfer. It defines a protocol to determine the logarithmic reduction in the number of TCID50/cm2 between a reference surface and an antimicrobial surface for a given contact time. The protocols simulates the hand contamination by using a finger with soil loads to transfer a dry inoculum onto the surface.
It is not intended to be used to substantiate cleaning or disinfecting properties.
The obligatory test conditions are defined in this document. It does not apply to porous surfaces.
It does not refer to methods for testing the toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of the surfaces

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ISO/NP 25299
10.20 New project ballot initiated
Jun 10, 2024