ISO/IEC TS 25052-1:2022

Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE): cloud services — Part 1: Quality model ISO/IEC TS 25052-1:2022

Publication date:   Jul 11, 2022

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60.60 Standard published   Jul 11, 2022


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7 Software and systems engineering

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35.080   Software



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This document defines the quality model of cloud services.
The quality model of cloud services is composed of nine characteristics (some of which are further subdivided into subcharacteristics), which provide consistent terminology for specifying, measuring and evaluating cloud services so that the stakeholders, cloud service customer (CSC), cloud service provider (CSP) and cloud service partner (CSN) have a common understanding.
Since the quality model in this document is the extension to the existing quality models defined in ISO/IEC 2501n, it can be used with the product quality model, IT service quality model, data quality model, and quality-in-use model according to evaluation purposes. As there are several cloud service categories, this document focuses on the quality model of SaaS (Software as a Service).
NOTE       Future documents are intended to address PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

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ISO/IEC TS 25052-1:2022
60.60 Standard published
Jul 11, 2022