ISO/CD 20468-10

Guidelines for performance evaluation of treatment technologies for water reuse systems — Part 10: Evaluation of dependability of treatment systems ISO/CD 20468-10

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ISO/TC 282/SC 3 Risk and performance evaluation of water reuse systems

International Standard

13.060.01   Water quality in general | 13.020.40   Pollution, pollution control and conservation


This document provides guidelines for evaluating the dependability of treatment systems for water reuse. The dependability of a treatment system is evaluated mainly from the availabilities of unit processes composing the system facility to perform functional requirements related to water quality performance over a long period of time in operation.
The document specifies methodologies for both qualitative and quantitative assessments of availability on a life cycle basis by using two influencing factors, reliability as the ability to prevent a failure, and maintainability as the ability to recover from a failure.

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ISO/CD 20468-10
30.60 Close of voting/ comment period
Nov 14, 2023