ISO 9891:1994

Determination of carbon content in uranium dioxide powder and sintered pellets — High-frequency induction furnace combustion — Titrimetric/coulometric/infrared absorption methods ISO 9891:1994

Publication date:   Dec 22, 1994

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90.93 Standard confirmed   May 30, 2022


ISO/TC 85/SC 5 Nuclear installations, processes and technologies

International Standard

27.120.30   Fissile materials and nuclear fuel technology



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The methods specified are based on heating a portion of the test sample at a temperature of at least 1100 °C to 1200 °C in an oxygen atmosphere, passing the evolved oxidation products over a purification trap filled with manganese dioxide catalyst and silver permanganate catalyst (that oxidises CO to CO2), trapping the CO2, restoring the initial pH continuously by addition of hydroxyl ions either by potentiostatic titrimetry or by coulometry, or alternatively determining the CO2 by IR absorption and integration of the signal obtained. Is applicable to the determination of 5 µg to 500 µg of carbon.

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ISO 9891:1994
90.93 Standard confirmed
May 30, 2022