ISO 6350:2024

Lignins — Determination of dry matter content — Oven-drying and freeze-drying methods ISO 6350:2024

Publication date:   Feb 14, 2024

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 14, 2024


ISO/TC 6 Paper, board and pulps

International Standard

85.040   Pulps



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This document describes methods for the determination of the dry matter content of lignins by oven-drying and freeze-drying. The methods are applicable to all types of lignins isolated from kraft, organosolv, soda, and sulfite pulping processes, and to lignin obtained by enzymatic or acid hydrolysis of biomass. However, the oven-drying method is not applicable to kraft lignins in the base form, also referred to as sodium form. Both methods are applicable only to lignins in the solid form.

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ISO 6350:2024
60.60 Standard published
Feb 14, 2024