ISO 5778:1998

Ships and marine technology — Small weathertight steel hatches ISO 5778:1998

Publication date:   Aug 27, 1998

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 7, 2020


ISO/TC 8/SC 8 Ship design

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47.020.10   Hulls and their structure elements



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This International Standard specifies the main dimensions, location and number of fittings, materials and quality of manufacture for small weathertight steel hatches for application on board ships in order to ensure interchangeability of the hatches. The remaining dimensions are left to the manufacturer. The hatches are suitable for loading operations and for giving access to storage compartments and dry cargo holds.
The hatches are not suitable as an access to any kind of tanks and shall not be used as escape hatches.
These hatches generally conform to the requirements of the International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (LLC66). The possibility for application in position 1 and position 2 has to be considered for each situation and, where necessary, the hatch covers shall be provided with additional stiffening.
NOTE — Users of this International Standard should note that while observing the requirements of this standard, they should, at the same time, ensure compliance with such statutory requirements, rules and regulations as may be applicable to the individual ship concerned.

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ISO 5778:1998
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 7, 2020


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