ISO 4630:2015

Clear liquids — Estimation of colour by the Gardner colour scale ISO 4630:2015

Publication date:   Nov 30, 2015

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90.93 Standard confirmed   May 21, 2021


ISO/TC 35 Paints and varnishes

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87.060.20   Binders



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ISO 4630:2015 specifies a method for estimating the colour of optically clear, yellow/brownish coloured liquid products by means of the Gardner colour scale using colour-measuring instruments. The method uses the Gardner colour scale described in Annex A.
It is applicable to drying oils, varnishes and solutions of fatty acids, polymerized fatty acids, resins, tall oil, tall oil fatty acids, rosin and related products. The results might be invalid if other products are tested.
The method described provides a more precise way of measuring Gardner colour than a visual sample comparison using human eyes. It is applicable to products having colours from Gardner 1 to Gardner 18. The Gardner scale is not applicable to products with colours darker than 18. For products with colours lighter than Gardner 1 the method specified in ISO 6271 applies.

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ISO 4630:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
May 21, 2021