ISO 24503:2011

Ergonomics — Accessible design — Tactile dots and bars on consumer products ISO 24503:2011

Publication date:   Jan 14, 2011

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 6, 2020


ISO/TC 159/SC 4 Ergonomics of human-system interaction

International Standard

11.180.30   Aids for blind or partially sighted people | 13.180   Ergonomics



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ISO 24503:2011 specifies requirements for the design of tactile dots and tactile bars for use on consumer products to improve accessibility for everyone, including older persons and persons with disabilities.
ISO 24503:2011 is applicable to consumer products used by persons with visual disabilities, and in cases where visual information is not the primary sense used for accomplishing the task.
Alternative tactile methods, such as texture and vibration, and other tactile symbols, such as triangles and squares, are not covered in ISO 24503:2011.
Alternative feedback methods, such as in acoustic and visual modalities, are not covered in ISO 24503:2011.

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ISO 24503:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 6, 2020