ISO 24253-2:2015

Crop protection equipment — Spray deposition test for field crop — Part 2: Measurement in a crop ISO 24253-2:2015

Publication date:   Mar 16, 2015

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 24, 2020


ISO/TC 23/SC 6 Equipment for crop protection

International Standard

65.060.40   Plant care equipment



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ISO 24253-2:2015 specifies a method for field measurements to determine the quantity and distribution of spray in a field crop, treated by horizontal boom sprayers with downward directed application. It can be used for nursery trees and small size bush crops (young currants) when sprayed with boom sprayers.
NOTE When interested in the spray deposition over width of the crop canopy, it is advised to use ISO 22522.
ISO 24253-2:2015 allows flexibility in the arrangement of field tests, but specifies standardized measurement procedures that are useful to be able to compare the results from different field experiments or to compare with laboratory tests, such as that specified in ISO 5682-2.
ISO 24253 is not intended for use in or for a regulatory framework.

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ISO 24253-2:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 24, 2020