ISO 20677:2019

Image technology colour management — Extensions to architecture, profile format and data structure ISO 20677:2019

Publication date:   Feb 13, 2019

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90.60 Close of review   Jun 4, 2024


ISO/TC 130 Graphic technology

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35.240.30   IT applications in information, documentation and publishing | 37.100.99   Other standards related to graphic technology



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This document is based on ISO 15076-1, and describes an expanded profile specification and profile connections that permit greater flexibility and functionality than ISO 15076-1. All definitions and requirements in ISO 15076-1 are therefore in force unless otherwise specified by this document. This document defines minimum structural and operational requirements for writing and reading ICC profiles. Additional workflow requirements and restrictions are defined in domain-specific interoperability conformance specification (ICS) documents approved and registered by the ICC.
In this document, some ISO 15076-1 types have been removed, and others have been added. A colour management module (CMM) compatible with profiles conforming to this document will have backwards compatibility with profiles conforming to ISO 15076-1.
Where the name of a type in this document is the same as a type in ISO 15076-1, the type definition is based on the ISO 15076-1 definition. The exception is the definition of the MPE type, which has been expanded.
Where the extensions described in this document are not required in a particular workflow, ISO 15076-1 is used as the basis for colour management profiles and architectures.

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ISO 20677:2019
90.60 Close of review
Jun 4, 2024