ISO 17201-5:2010

Acoustics — Noise from shooting ranges — Part 5: Noise management ISO 17201-5:2010

Publication date:   Jan 18, 2010

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Feb 16, 2021


ISO/TC 43/SC 1 Noise

International Standard

95.020   Military in general | 97.220.10   Sports facilities | 17.140.20   Noise emitted by machines and equipment



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ISO 17201-5:2010 gives guidelines for noise management of shooting activity at shooting ranges. The control of the noise received outside shooting ranges at specified reception points based either on measured or calculated sound exposure levels is specified. ISO 17201-5:2010 can also be used in the planning of new or reconstruction of existing ranges. It is intended to comply with all relevant local rules and regulations which imply a conversion of sound exposure level to other indicators as given in ISO 17201-3.
ISO 17201-5:2010 applies to weapons with calibres of less than 20 mm or explosive charges of less than 50 g TNT equivalent and pressures of less than 1 kPa at the reception point.
NOTE National or other regulations, which could be more stringent, can apply.

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ISO 17201-5:2010
90.93 Standard confirmed
Feb 16, 2021