ISO 16714:2008

Earth-moving machinery — Recyclability and recoverability — Terminology and calculation method ISO 16714:2008

Publication date:   Sep 3, 2008

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 6, 2023


ISO/TC 127/SC 3 Machine characteristics, electrical and electronic systems, operation and maintenance

International Standard

53.100   Earth-moving machinery



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ISO 16714:2008 specifies a method, and defines related terms, for calculating the recyclability rate and the recoverability rate of earth-moving machinery as defined in ISO 6165, each expressed as a percentage by mass (mass fraction in percent) of the machine, which can potentially be recycled, reused or both (recyclability rate), or recovered, reused or both (recoverability rate).

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ISO 16714:2008
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 6, 2023