ISO 16392:2017

Tyres — Electrical resistance — Test method for measuring electrical resistance of tyres on a test rig ISO 16392:2017

Publication date:   May 22, 2017

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Mar 6, 2024


ISO/TC 31 Tyres, rims and valves

International Standard

83.160.01   Tyres in general



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ISO 16392:2017 describes a test method to measure the electrical resistance of pneumatic and solid tyres, under load, on a test rig. Static charges on a vehicle sometimes need to be dissipated by way of the tyre. Electrical resistance inversely measures the ability of the tyre to dissipate static charge from the vehicle.
The method specifies procedures and equipment such that electrical resistance can be accurately determined for tyres with values up to 1012 Ω.
Annex A specifies the limit values in ohms (Ω) for both dissipative and conductive tyres. Annex B specifies additional conditions for measurement on a vehicle. Annex C specifies simplified test conditions for production control routine.

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ISO 16392:2007


ISO 16392:2017
90.93 Standard confirmed
Mar 6, 2024