ISO 12944-2:2017

Paints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 2: Classification of environments ISO 12944-2:2017

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 11, 2023


ISO/TC 35/SC 14 Protective paint systems for steel structures

International Standard

87.020   Paint coating processes


ISO 12944-2:2017 deals with the classification of the principal environments to which steel structures are exposed, and the corrosivity of these environments. ISO 12944-2:2017
- defines atmospheric-corrosivity categories, based on mass loss (or thickness loss) by standard specimens, and describes typical natural atmospheric environments to which steel structures are exposed, giving advice on the estimation of the corrosivity,
- describes different categories of environment for structures immersed in water or buried in soil, and
- gives information on some special corrosion stresses that can cause a significant increase in corrosion rate or place higher demands on the performance of the protective paint system.
The corrosion stresses associated with a particular environment or corrosivity category represent one essential parameter governing the selection of protective paint systems.

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ISO 12944-2:1998


ISO 12944-2:2017
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 11, 2023


ISO/PWI 12944-2