ISO 10110-5:2015

Optics and photonics — Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems — Part 5: Surface form tolerances ISO 10110-5:2015

Publication date:   Jul 23, 2015

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90.92 Standard to be revised   Dec 9, 2022


ISO/TC 172/SC 1 Fundamental standards

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37.020   Optical equipment | 01.100.20   Mechanical engineering drawings



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ISO 10110-5:2015 specifies the presentation of design and functional requirements for optical elements and systems in technical drawings used for manufacturing and inspection.
ISO 10110-5:2015 specifies rules for indicating the tolerance for surface form deviation.
NOTE The terminology of interferometry employing the unit "fringe spacings" is widely used for the specification of tolerances. However, the usage of non-interferometric methods for testing of optical parts has recently become more important. Therefore, unlike in the earlier versions of this part of ISO 10110, nanometres shall now be the preferred and standard unit to express surface form deviations. The usage of fringe spacings is still permitted given that the base wavelength is explicitly stated.
ISO 10110-5:2015 applies to surfaces of plano, spherical, aspheric, circular and non-circular cylindric, and toric form as well as to surfaces of other non-spherical shape such as generally described surfaces. It does not apply to diffractive surfaces, Fresnel surfaces, and micro-optical surfaces.

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ISO 10110-5:2015
90.92 Standard to be revised
Dec 9, 2022


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