ISO 10110-14:2018

Optics and photonics — Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems — Part 14: Wavefront deformation tolerance ISO 10110-14:2018

Publication date:   Oct 25, 2018

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 8, 2023


ISO/TC 172/SC 1 Fundamental standards

International Standard

37.020   Optical equipment | 01.100.20   Mechanical engineering drawings



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This document specifies rules for the indication of the permissible deformation of a wavefront transmitted through or, in the case of reflective optics, reflected from an optical element or assembly in the ISO 10110 series, which standardizes drawing indications for optical elements and systems.
This document is also applicable when using optical systems with general surfaces (ISO 10110-19).
The deformation of the wavefront refers to its departure from the desired shape. The tilt of the wavefront with respect to a given reference surface is excluded from this document.
There is no requirement that a tolerance for wavefront deformation is indicated.

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ISO 10110-14:2007


ISO 10110-14:2018
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 8, 2023