IEC TS 63255-2 ED1

Systems Reference Deliverable (SRD)- Predicting Electrical Compatibility - Part 2: Labels for Establishing Electrical Compatibility IEC TS 63255-2 ED1

General information

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Technical Specification


This document is applicable to the interface between an electricity supply and a load in the context where an unskilled person may connect the two without skilled supervision.
It establishes general principles for the creation of a machine-readable label to be attached to electrical equipment (load or supply), encoding the basic electrical compatibility information already contained in the IEC 60335-1 ratings plate, plus the type of connector and its pinout, and whether a supply provides galvanic separation (or a load requires the supply to provide it).
The document is applicable to barrel connector plugs and sockets connecting LVDC equipment.
The document specifies the format of the machine-readable label. The label format is extensible, ensuring backwards compatibility if in the future the scope is widened to include more connectors and voltages, additional lab-measured parameters and other types of interfaces.
The document specifies a method for creating the machine-readable label that only requires a computer with a printer, a continuity tester, and a micrometer to measure the barrel connector dimensions. The method does not in this limited scope require access to any information that is not evident on the product.
The document gives guidance on the creation of a smartphone app that is able to read the labels on a supply and a load – perhaps in separate locations at separate times and give a simple – but limited and not definitive or guaranteed – statement of (non)compatibility.

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IEC TS 63255-2 ED1
30.98 Project deleted
Mar 21, 2024