IEC TS 62862-2-1:2021 ED1

Solar thermal electric plants - Part 2-1: Thermal energy storage systems - Characterization of active, sensible systems for direct and indirect configurations IEC TS 62862-2-1:2021 ED1

Publication date:   Feb 4, 2021

General information

60.60 Standard published   Feb 4, 2021


TC 117

Technical Specification

27.160   Solar energy engineering



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IEC TS 62862-2-1:2021 defines the requirements and the test methods for the characterization of thermal energy storage (TES) systems. This document contains the information necessary for determining the performance and functional characteristics of active direct and indirect thermal energy storage systems based on sensible heat in solar thermal power plants using parabolic-trough collector, Fresnel collector or tower central receiver technology with liquid storage media.
This document includes characterization procedures for testing energy storage system charge and discharge, as well as reporting the results. Test performance requirements are given and the instrumentation necessary for them, as well as data acquisition and processing methods and methods for calculating the results and their uncertainties.

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IEC TS 62862-2-1:2021 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Feb 4, 2021