IEC TR 61400-21-3:2019 ED1

Wind energy generation systems - Part 21-3: Measurement and assessment of electrical characteristics - Wind turbine harmonic model and its application IEC TR 61400-21-3:2019 ED1

Publication date:   Sep 13, 2019

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60.60 Standard published   Sep 13, 2019


TC 88

Technical Report

27.180   Wind turbine energy systems



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IEC TR 61400-21-3:2019 provides guidance on principles which can be used as the basis for determining the application, structure and recommendations for the WT harmonic model. For the purpose of this Technical Report, a harmonic model means a model that represents harmonic emissions of different WT types interacting with the connected network.
This document is focused on providing technical guidance concerning the WT harmonic model. It describes the harmonic model in detail, covering such aspects as application, structure, as well as validation. By introducing a common understanding of the WT representation from a harmonic performance perspective, this document aims to bring the overall concept of the harmonic model closer to the industry (e.g. suppliers, developers, system operators, academia, etc.).
A standardized approach of WT harmonic model representation is presented in this document. The harmonic model will find a broad application in many areas of electrical engineering related to design, analysis, and optimisation of electrical infrastructure of onshore as well as offshore WPPs.

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IEC TR 61400-21-3:2019 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Sep 13, 2019