IEC PAS 63485:2023 ED1

Intelligent Information Request and Delivery - A process model for the exchange of information for use IEC PAS 63485:2023 ED1

Publication date:   Oct 6, 2023

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60.60 Standard published   Oct 6, 2023


TC 3

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01.040.01   Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (Vocabularies) | 01.110   Technical product documentation



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IEC PAS 63485:2023 addresses creators of information for use of products. Examples of information creators are information architects and technical communicators.
The document defines requirements for electronic request and delivery processes for any kind of information for use. Such processes are needed to bridge the gap between objects in the real world and the information needed by their dedicated users, especially in the context of smart manufacturing, industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things. This document specifies processes in order to enable n:m relations between information sources and information users when there is no explicit agreement between information provider and information consumer. This document also specifies metadata.

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IEC PAS 63485:2023 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Oct 6, 2023