IEC 62827-1:2016 ED1

Wireless power transfer - Management - Part 1: Common components IEC 62827-1:2016 ED1

Publication date:   Apr 27, 2016

General information

60.60 Standard published   Apr 27, 2016


TC 100/TA 15

International Standard

29.240.99   Other equipment related to power transmission and distribution networks | 35.240.99   IT applications in other fields



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IEC 62827-1:2016 specifies common components of management for multiple sources and devices in a wireless power transfer system, and justifies various functions for wireless power transfer. This part of IEC 62827 defines the reference models for possible configurations of a wireless power transfer system. The models are specified in additional parts in more detail. This standard is applied to a wireless power transfer system for audio, video and multimedia equipment.

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IEC 62827-1:2016 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Apr 27, 2016