IEC 62792:2015 ED1

Measurement method for the output of electroshock weapons IEC 62792:2015 ED1

Publication date:   Feb 13, 2015

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 13, 2015


TC 85

International Standard

17.220.20   Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities | 95.020   Military in general



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IEC 62792:2015 specifies a method for measuring the electrical outputs, current and voltage, from electroshock weapons (ESWs) that deliver an electrical stimulus to humans.
Manufacturers, medical researchers, policy makers, users, and other interested parties involved with different aspects of ESWs use a variety of different measurement methods, different terminologies, and different parameters to measure and describe the performance of an ESW. These differences generate confusion and misunderstanding within this stakeholder community, and this impacts the ability to perform accurate, reliable, and reproducible measurement comparisons. By developing a generally-accepted terminology, set of performance parameters, and test methods, this standard will facilitate accurate and precise communication for the parameters that describe the electrical output, current and high voltage, of ESWs. This improved communication will aid this stakeholder community in collectively developing uniform methods for describing the ESW output and its effect on human physiology consistently and accurately, thereby enabling the development of safe use performance standards/regulations by the appropriate standardization body.

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IEC 62792:2015 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Feb 13, 2015