IEC 62315-1:2003 ED1

DTV profiles for uncompressed digital video interfaces - Part 1: General IEC 62315-1:2003 ED1

Publication date:   Mar 27, 2003

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 27, 2003


TC 100/TA 4

International Standard

33.160.40   Video systems



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IEC 62315-1:2003 specifies requirements for digital television (DTV) monitors that use an uncompressed, baseband, digital video interface. These requirements apply to baseband, digital, video interfaces that use the VESA E-EDID Standard for the discovery of supported video formats. This standard also specifies the video formats to be supported by a DTV monitor. The timing requirements for 14 video formats are specified along with requirements for video format discovery. A mechanism allowing a video source to discover the preferred format of a DTV monitor is also described.

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IEC 62315-1:2003 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Mar 27, 2003