IEC 61427-2:2015 ED1

Secondary cells and batteries for renewable energy storage - General requirements and methods of test - Part 2: On-grid applications IEC 61427-2:2015 ED1

Publication date:   Aug 28, 2015

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60.60 Standard published   Aug 28, 2015


TC 21

International Standard

29.220.20   Acid secondary cells and batteries



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IEC 61427-2:2015 relates to secondary batteries used in on-grid Electrical Energy Storage (EES) applications and provides the associated methods of test for the verification of their endurance, properties and electrical performance in such applications. The test methods are essentially battery chemistry neutral, i.e. applicable to all secondary battery types. On-grid applications are characterized by the fact that batteries are connected, via power conversion devices, to a regional or nation- or continent-wide electricity grid and act as instantaneous energy sources and sinks to stabilize the grids performance when randomly major amounts of electrical energy from renewable energy sources are fed into it. Related power conversion and interface equipment is not covered by this part of IEC 61427.

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IEC 61427-2:2015 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Aug 28, 2015


IEC 61427-2:2015/AMD1:2024 ED1