IEC 60127-5:2016 ED2

Miniature fuses - Part 5: Guidelines for quality assessment of miniature fuse-links IEC 60127-5:2016 ED2

Publication date:   Nov 4, 2016

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60.60 Standard published   Nov 4, 2016


TC 32/SC 32C

International Standard

29.120.50   Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices



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IEC 60127-5:2016 gives a guide for tests for assessing the quality of miniature fuse-links other than type tests, for the case where there is no complete agreement between the user and the manufacturer on what such tests apply. This document provides guidelines and limits generally acceptable for quality control purposes by large scale users and manufacturers of miniature fuse-links. This document has validity for large scale series with lot sizes of 10 000 and more. It is also applicable for smaller lot sizes, if necessary. Periodic inspections by reduced type tests (Clause 5) are intended to be carried out periodically in order to ensure that the level of technical performance previously verified by complete type tests as given in subsequent parts of the IEC 60127 series is maintained. The frequency of periodic in relation to lot-by-lot inspections is not established in this document. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1988. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
- addition of new tables in 4.3;
- addition of new tables in Clause 5.
Keywords: quality of miniature fuse-links

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IEC 60127-5:2016 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Nov 4, 2016